Balloon Twisting Perth

There’s balloon twisting and then, there’s Rosie O Balloon twisting.
Add Balloon twisting to your party in Perth with a Rosie O Balloon Twister.

Let us entertain you with our creative Balloon Twisting.  Try to Bamboozle us with your requests… Watch as the Rosie O Balloon Twister almost ties themselves in knots.                   Balloon twisting is fun for the everyone.

Available for all events, no matter what the age of your guests.

Shopping Centre Openings- Balloon Twisting

Store Promotions- Balloon Twisting

Birthday Parties-Balloon Twisting

School Functions-Balloon Twisting

All events, all occasions, all area.

Rosie O has  colourful, dynamic balloon twisters ready to amaze and wow at your event.

                                      Rosie O Twisters don’t just twist balloons, they entertain.                                                  With imagination, a Rosie O Balloon twister and a bag of special balloons                                        we will make your event one to remember……………………………





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