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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why don’t you have prices on your website ?
Every event is different. Rosie O is happy to offer personalised packages therefore our pricing is tailored to your needs.
One phone call we do it all. Give Rosie O a call on 08 9524 1827 to discuss your requirements.

2. How can I book Rosie O?
By phone, our booking page, carrier pigeon, smoke signals, piece of string and two tin cans, snail mail and tell your nanna to call me. Unfortunately we have phased out our smoke signal service.
If we are busy entertaining at the time of your call, we PROMISE to call you back.

3. Do you require a deposit?
Yes. Three small children and a puppy. If you have been lucky enough to secure Rosie O for a booking thank your lucky stars!

4. How far do you travel?
It doesn’t matter where you live or work, Rosie O Entertainers would love to be at your event. Rosie O has painted in Kununurra and even in Adelaide. All clients from Canada, who are willing to pay accommodation and travel expenses will get the first hour for free!

5. How many people can you supply for a large function?
We don’t supply the people, we only supply the entertainers. You’ll have to find your own guests.

6. Do Rosie O Entertainers have working with children checks ?
All our staff carry current WWCC for your piece of mind.

7. What insurance does Rosie O have?
We have $20 million public liabillity insurance.

8. Why should I hire Rosie O?
There are many reasons, some people say it’s because they want all the other parents to be envious of their child’s party, but the most common reason is that we can do everything. We say what we do and we do what we say.

9. Do you use special balloons?
No, all our balloons are fully able, we are not an equal opportunity balloon employer.

10. How long have you been doing this?
(Look at watch) since about 3:30

11. How can I remove face paint?
Petrol usually works well. A little petrol on a soft cloth will take it off in a flash. Note, please don’t smoke whilst cleaning your child’s face with petrol. If you’re not comfortable with using petrol you could try the gentle side of a cheese grater or an angle grinder with a fine grinding stone.

If all else fails, our paint washes off in water.

12. Is the paint poisonous?
Only to children the elderly and the infirm………..actually, our paint is completely non toxic. You could drink it by the gallon (don’t try drinking paint, it’s not poisonous, but neither is it nutritious)



One Call - WE DO IT ALL - 0417 190 329