What defines you as a person?  Is it the style of clothes that you wear, the colour of your hair or the numbers that show up on the scales every morning.

We as humans very easily get into a rut with the way that we think and allow totally unimportant and unreasonable things shape us into to someone that we are not.

Many times what we hear as children influences what and who we become as adults.

I remember as a child be told by my father that I had legs like tree stumps and a huge bottom. Words said in jest stuck in my head and I believed the lie.  Many years later I questioned my dad about this and he doesn’t even remember. In face he emphatically denies ever saying this.  These words had a profound affect on  me and my life and I actually  think that my thought pattern influenced choices that I made when I was younger.

As human beings we choose to believe what we hear from those whom love us. I love  my dad and until I was about 25 he was the man in my life who could fix everything for me.

Whenever there was a job that needed doing he was the one I would call, I looked up to him and he really was the anchor in my life.

So it was reasonable to believe that what he said was true.

Now as an adult I know that I don’t have legs like tree stumps and a huge bottom.

It has defined me and my life for too long.  I have made bad decisions based on the fact that I felt that I was unattractive because of someone else’s spoken words.

Words that he doesn’t even remember speaking. I know that kind and positive words were spoken over me as a child and through my adult years, so why did I dwell on the negative?

Don’t live your life in the past.  Today is a new day and the negative things that happened yesterday or years ago are not worth holding on to.

Make a decision, step away from the past and  forwards, move towards your future.