School Colour Runs

Is your fun run lacking fun? Turn it into a foam colour fun run!

Run for Fun Colour Blast with Rosie O

School Fun Run

Does your school do school colour runs? Have you ordered your holi-powder and got your flyers printed? Have the kids started hounding Nana and Poppy for money?

Do you feel like you would like something extra at your school colour run, are the children getting a little bored running around the same oval 100 times?

We at Rosie O have the answer for you. Let us add an amazing foam explosion to your school colour runs.

Foam is clearly the winner during Fun Runs. The children run like the wind to get back to the mountain of foam. They dash under the foam arch and play in the bubbles that the foam cannon creates. “This is the best day of my life” is shouted by so many children.

We want to help you make your fun run the most extraordinary event that will create lasting memories for all involved.

Our service is second to none. Remember Crocodile Dundees famous quote’ “ that’s not a knife”? Not all foam is the same.

There’s foam and then there’s “FOAM”!

School Colour Run
School Colour Runs
Fun Run

We are fully insured and have experienced and professional crew ready to attend your event. Our foam crew get to your fun run early so we can get set up and have the foam on the track. Theres nothing better than the children running out and being greeted by mountains of white fluffy foam.

What about a school colour run with a difference? Holi powder is great for making the kids clothes coloured. And their hair and their skin and the inside of their ears. 🙂 Our foam is the perfect compliment for your holi powder. The children run through the foam and get wet making it easier for the holipowder to stick and create those beautiful coloured patterns.

Imagine foam clouds billowing across your school colour run, Mountains of foam at your fun run. Children running through our foam arch. Your next colour run could be the best fun run, the one that the children remember the most. Kids love to run, lets make this a run for fun with a Colour Blast Foam cannon.

We deliver experiences, not foam cannons.

When you book with us you can expect an amazing, entertaining experience. With 23 years of event and entertainment experience, you can be sure you are in good hands. You are not getting just a fun run. You are employing an entertainment company.

We are happy to chat with you in real life on the phone. When you ring Rosie O you get to speak to a human. We don’t like AI. Its a family run business, your point of contact will always be one of the Rosie O family. Situated in Perth, servicing the people of Western Australia

Lets face it, a fun run without foam is just a run.

The Foam Explosion: Unleashing the Fun

Rosie O’s Foam Cannon is a exciting addition to any school colour run or fun run. Rosie O has the newest foam cannons from Europe. Rosie O’s “FOAM” is unparalleled in quality and creates mountains of white fluffy foam in just minutes. You can feel the excitement as the children eagerly awaiting the READY STEADY GO moment. They are itching to dash under the foam arch and play in the bubbles the foam cannon produces. Witnessing their enthusiasm and hearing their cheers, “This is the best day of my life,” makes the foam experience truly extraordinary.

Foam Meets Holi Powder: A Perfect Match

For schools looking for something different in their colour runs, Rosie O’s Foam complements Holi powder seamlessly. As children run through the foam, they get slightly wet, making it easier for the Holi powder to stick and create vibrant, beautiful coloured patterns on their clothes, hair, and skin. It is a visual spectacle watching the foam clouds billowing across your school colour run, seeing the colours of the holi powder. These two are a match made in heaven and can take your event to another level. Excitement plus on all levels.

Personalised Service and Family Values

As a family-run business, Rosie O values personal connections and ensures that when you contact them, you speak to a real person. Their friendly and dedicated team, located in Perth, serves the people of Western Australia, making sure your school’s colour run is one of a kind. Rosie is available to meet you on site to solve any logistical problems before they happen. We care about your event and we care about the people who attend your event. And that’s why after 23 years, we are still here, delivering amazing service to the people of Perth with our incredible school colour runs.

Need some advice? Get in touch with Rosie.